Preacher (Single)

by No Sin Evades His Gaze

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The new single from U.K. metal act No Sin Evades HIs Gaze


Preacher, knows every word, but do you practice what you preach?
Liar, It won't be long before the wolf is weaker than the sheep.

Verse 1.
I fear neither devil nor deity,
For the reflection in the mirror is my enemy,
The implication of the immolation buried within,
Walking the line between death and dependency.

I wanna tear the stars down to show heaven what it's like to be alone,
I wanna flood the hell below me with the ocean,
Let the water drag me down.

Verse 2.
I am the hammer that will shatter your pedestal,
I am the water that will wash out your chemical,
A crown of thorns, an empty throne,
We are the sticks and stones that will tear down this spectacle.

Good God is that the best you've got?
You'll have to hit a little harder than that,
Caught in the middle of the after-shock,
My God, is that the best you've got?


Let the water drag me down.

Hold your tongue you've said too much,
We will not kneel before the alter, we will not be judged.
Oh Preacher,
You have no right to condemn or to act as decider.


Let the water drag me down.


released October 11, 2015
Written by No Sin Evades His Gaze
Lyrics + Production by James Denton
Artwork by Scott Rudd